35 East Concho Ave
San Angelo, TX 76903

Our Story

It’s a store filled with magical things in a modern busy world. Eggemeyer’s General Store, located on Concho Ave. in downtown San Angelo, is a child’s sweetest dream filled with trains, planes and storybooks, and an adult’s shopping paradise.

Bobby and Karen Eggemeyer began their original store, the County Depot, in 1983 in Wall. In 1988 they moved their store to San Angelo and began growing the business.

The couple, along with their three children, did most of the work themselves, from sandblasting the burned ceiling to laying floors. Of the three Eggemeyer kids, the youngest, Eric, is a full time employee for the business.

“We like nice things that last, and we always look for unique items to order that people can’t find anywhere else,” said Karen. “As a young couple we always gave each other antique gifts that we could find for a really great deal and refinish. They went well with our older home. All these years later, we’ve brought them into the store and still enjoy them daily.”

The Eggemeyers attend several markets each year and Karen says she reads a lot, and pours over catalogs to discover her unusual and beautiful lines for the store.

“Bobby does all the ordering for anything mechanical like the trains and pepper mills,” said Karen. “And I do the ordering for things I think will sell. I plan to bring more USA and Texas made products into the store in the future.”
Lines like Brighton for women and Case Knives for men, along with upper scale jewelry and kitchen goods, as well as beautiful baby gifts, high end bath products and Music of the Spheres wind chimes made in Texas, are just a few of the offerings.

At holiday time however, Eggemeyer’s store becomes a popular place for Christmas decorations, honey glazed hams, and Sweet & Hot Salsa, created in store.

“Bobby created his own secret recipie for the honey glaze over the years, and Eric glazes each ham as if it was his own,” said Karen. “The trick is to take your time and do it right without rushing.”
Karen says it’s a good idea to preorder your ham if you are planning on having one for the holidays.

Eggemeyer’s General Store also offers an in house soda fountain with homemade root beer, German beers, Texas and Chilean wines and special dips. And don’t forget to take some homemade fudge or Sweet Shop truffles home to enjoy.

Eggemeyer’s General Store fall hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the store is open on Sunday in December from 1-5 p.m. To preorder a ham, call 325-655-1166.